Kristene Coller (Research Assistant)

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Kristene Coller

Growing up on a farm in Southern Alberta, I had plenty of time driving tractors to think about a variety of topics; however, the rich history of the region and proximity to Writing on Stone Provincial Park and the Badlands fostered a love of history. Although my early ambitions were on becoming an anthropologist or paleontologist, I found my true calling in management research. My initial research interests were focused on organizational change; however, the problem of management history captivated me at the beginning of my PhD classes and has become the focus of subsequent research work and involvement.









Affiliation: University of Lethbridge




University of Lethbridge, Calgary Campus           Phone: (403) 571 – 3360

6th Floor, 345 – 6th Avenue S.E.                          Fax: (403) 261 – 2944

Calgary, Alberta


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Related Publications:

Coller, K. E., McNally, C., Mills, A. J. (2013). The inner circle: Key Canadian contributions to New Institution Theory. Paper presented at the Academy of Management (Management History division), Orlando, FL.