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Conference Presentations

  • Paper Presented at the 2014 Academy of Management, Management History Division: The New Deal for Management & Organization Studies:Lessons, Insights and Reflections
    Authors: Albert J. Mills (Saint Mary’s U.); Terrance G. Weatherbee (Acadia U.); Jason Foster (Athabasca U.); Jean Helms Mills (Saint Mary’s U.)
    Abstract: In this paper, drawing on ANTi-History (Durepos and Mills 2012), we set out to recover the New Deal and some of its leading figures for the field of management and organizational studies. In so doing we do not simply seek to add New Deal studies to existing histories of MOS but rather our aim is to show how MOS histories have served to narrowly define the field and constrain what is considered a valid area of study.
    Through exploration of the neglected phenomenon of the New Deal, we conclude that MOS needs be more imaginative in its choice of
    stories and exemplars when dealing with the broad range of economic, behavioral, social and political factors that confront humankind’s
    ability to organize and manage its affairs.
  • Academy of Management, 2014 Symposium on Rewriting History /Reimagining (Critical) Management Studies
    Presentation by Albert J, Mills, Rethinking History: An ANTi-History Perspective.
  • Academy of Management, 2014 PDW: Historic Turns in Organization and Management Theory: Critical, Cultural, and Qualitative
    Presentation by Albert J. Mills on `The Historic Turn in Five Moves’
  • Symposia

  • Bonner, B., Durepos, G., Mills, A.J., Genoe McLaren, P., Foster, W. (2015) Symposium: Lessons in Writing History for MOS Journals, Business History Division, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC), Halifax, June 13-15.
  • Prasad, P., Prasad, A., Mills, A. J., and Helms Mills, J. (2015) Critical (Re) Considerations: Critical Management Studies (CMS) in a Changing World, CMS Division, Academy of Management, Vancouver
  • Durepos, G. (Moderator), Suddaby, R., Mills, A.J., Barker, J., Foster, W., McWatters, C., and Rowlinson, M. (2014) `Plenary Session: Editors Panel,’ Annual conference of the Atlantic Schools of Business, Halifax, Sept., 26-28.
  • Genoe McLaren, P. (Chair), Durepos, G., Foster, W., Helms Mills, J., Mills, A. J., and Weatherbee (2014) `Symposium: What’s So Canadian about Canadian Management History’, Annual conference of the Atlantic Schools of Business, Halifax, Sept., 26-28.
  • Burgos-Mirabal, R., Durepos, G., Suddaby, R., Mills, A. J., and Foster, W. (2014) `PDW – Engaging Organizational Institutionalism and ANT with the Historic Turn: Synergies, Complementarities, Divergences,’ Annual conference of the Atlantic Schools of Business, Halifax, Sept., 26-28.
  • Genoe McLaren (Chair), Durepos, G., Suddaby, R., Mills, A. J., and Foster, W. (2014) `PDW – Writing Management History for Publication in Management Journals Workshop,” Annual conference of the Atlantic Schools of Business, Halifax, Sept., 26-28.
  • Invited Talks

  • Mills, Albert J. (2014) `Critical Management Studies’. Keynote: III Congresso Internacional de Pos-Graduacoes e Pesquisas Latinos em Administracao e Estudos Organizacionais, Porto Alegre, August 26-28
  • Mills, Albert J. (2014) “Sustaining `Canada:’ Management Theory, History and `Canadian Sensibilities.’ Invited talk (Business History, OT and GWO Divisional Speaker), Admin Science Ass of Canada, annual conference, Muskoka, Ont., June