Albert J. Mills (Principal Investigator)

Albert J. Mills

Albert J. Mills

The first ten years of Albert’s life were divided almost equally between London and Glasgow. During his school years in England he learned all about the wars that the English won over the uncivilized Scots. During his time in Scotland he learned all about the many battles that the Scots won against the brutal English occupiers. He grew up with a deep appreciation of the problem of history!

Born into a relatively poor working class family, Albert left school at 15 years old. For the next few years his worldview was further shaped by a series of unskilled jobs through which he experienced mind-deadening work and exposure to a range of negative workplace practices. It was also a period of international political tensions and a heightening of the Cold War. Against that background Albert’s intellectual life began to take off, fostered by involvement in various movements for social change, equality and peace that flourished through the 1960s. He credits much of these years with shaping his involvement in Critical Management Studies and an abiding interest in the impact of social formations on management thought.




Principal Investigator, Professor
Mills, Albert, J.

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